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Hunint in Vermont

Hey everyone,
I'll be heading to Vermont in about 5 weeks for a little huning trip. I live in Ohio with some family in Vermont. I never hunted bear before and am looking forward to it. My son and I are going. I was there a month ago getting familier with the Green National forest. After reading the forums I have gathered a lot of info and thank you for it. I also have already studied Vermont laws, have my license, and am almost packed.
Any comments or ideas about where to hunt would be greatly appreciated.

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Hunint in Vermont

Hey Bob welcome to the forum. Since you are posting this in the black bear section I am assuming you will be bear hunting? Deer also?

I have hunted Vt, but it was back in the mid-80s. Also I hunted the Northeast Kingdom you are looking at a more central to southern part of the state hunt.

For bears (in about 5 weeks) I do not believe VT allows baiting. So you must find what the bears are feeding on right then and there. Pre-scouting may not do you any good, you will be hunting and scouting at the same time.
First off I would call the VT Conservation people (DEC or whatever they are called in VT) and find out (in general) what food source will be in season then. It will be to late for your soft mass crops like wild fruits (berries , cherries etc) so I will be guessing it will be Beech nuts.

Where I hunt in the Adk. Mts of NY the beech trees grow on the ridges and up on the mtns. If you can get ahold of a state biologist ask about what "may" be in season and where in the areas you are looking at hunting there may be stands of these crops. I know you would like more exact answers but I do not know the area you are hunting exept that it is in the Northeast so general is the best I can do.

If you are mainly deer hunting and will shoot a bear if the opertunity presents itself, go with that it work for a lot of hunters in the NE every year. If you just want to target bears head for what they are eating. Hunting into the wind is always good keep moving and look for sign. Look for fresh droppings, tracks, claw marks in trees and "bear nests" in the tops of "food" trees. Bears will climb trees that produce fruits and nuts and start pulling the branches to themselves and eating the "food". They break the branches and can eventualy sit on the broken branches in the tops of the trees. Where I hunt there are some big stands of Black Cherry and after a good cherry crop year it looks like a bunch of giant storks nested in those trees. The last bear I shot was in the process of building a nest, I was sneaking down a logging road and hear him breaking branches about 30 feet up. Though not a huge bear still made a big thud when he hit the ground Thumbs up

Once you find sigh you are hunting. take a stick and poke through the dropings, the bears digestive system is not very good and lots of stuff comes right back out. This will show you what the bear has recently been eating. Find fresh sign, available food (the bear is eating) then find your self a good stand location. Remember the bear will also want water and some type of thick cover to sleep in so some good map reading skills or working knowledge of the area will be a big help in finding the places you may want to start looking.
Luck ADKBear

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Hunint in Vermont

Thanks a lot for the info.
We will be targeting bear, although after a couple of days we may target deer or head to the northeast kingdom.
The area I was checking out sound similar to the area you hunt. I was talking to a couple of forest rangers when I was there in early September. They taught me a lot about the habits of the black bear. And I did find some sign, but the forest was too thick. We'll be there in early November.
My step-son lives in Barre, (Marine recruiter). I've made several trips there the last couple of years. SO I got to learn my way around, a little. This year I decided to do some fishing back in April and at that time decided to try bear huntiing. My son is ready also to go with me, so there will probably be 3 of us.
I'll make some calls as you suggest and see what else I can find out. Thanks again!

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