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hung my stand today

hung my stand to a baby gorrilla i know why they call it that cause ya gotta be amonkey to hang it have it place on the edge of an old field with lots of sign close by and my pile of apple when would be the best time to hunt a place like this i plan on getting there an hour before dark in a couple of weeks when gun season opens any advice greatly appreciated

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hung my stand today

Caper40 wrote:

i plan on getting there an hour before dark

You got it all wrong ! You're on the mainland, it's before DAWN lol lol lol

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hung my stand today

Laugh Big smile Laugh

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hung my stand today

I never like to push a bad situation and spook the deer I'm hunting, even if this means waiting until as many things as I can control are in my favour. Going in and setting up over feeding area at first light usually means you'll bump the deer while getting into the stand. In some situations that might be OK, if the feeding area is very remote an/or other deer are likely to be along later. Given NS lower than average deer numbers, that's probably unlikely. If you're confident that you can get into your stand without spooking the deer as they feed, then go for it. If not, I'd set up on a travel corridor at first light, and in early afternoon quietly get into your stand overlooking the feeding area until dark. Trying to push a bad situation and quietly sneak into your stand in the dark while the deer are feeding nearby will probably accomplish little except making them more wary. I'd wait until as many factors as I can are in my favour.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Be still - I'm convinced that deer's eyesight isn't all that great except for spotting movement as long as you're dead still they either won't see you, or won't recognize you as a threat. Equally important: Keep the wind in you face, even if this means hunting from an improvised ground blind rather than your treestand. A deer's eyes may be easily fooled by discipline and camo, his nose won't. If he winds you - it's game over.

Good luck!!!

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hung my stand today

What kind of old field is it? Crops, Hay, CRP, Pasture.......
I'm with Saskie on this one. If it's a feeding area better wait til pm to hunt it unless your sure you can get to it in am. Be sure to get into stand much earlier than 1 hour before dark. If you are hunting with just one stand site try to find a location between your food and bedding and watch your wind. Good Luck!

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