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human urine spooks deer

I believe in what Fred Trost said and I saw what happened when he poured about 1/2 leiter of his own urin on a buck scrape and he filimed a buck comming to the scrape he sniffed it for a few seconds and then went on his way like there was nothing there . What really spooks a deer is human oder . It's the acid in our skin that they smell . We're meaty eaters

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Human Urine Scare deer?
hunter777 wrote:
I think sometimes the urine smell will atract the deer.

I believe this statement is often true. Some guys use fox urine to attract deer. I think the urine scent makes them curious, no matter what species it comes from.

One evening I found a fresh scrape on the edge of a bean field. I couldn't hunt the next day, but I knew my cousin would be hunting the same area the next morning. Since it didn't affect MY hunt, I decided to try a little experiment. I peed in the scrape just to see what would happen.

The next morning, my cousin arrowed a nice 8-pointer while he was checking out the scrape. I don't know if the urine attracted the deer, but it certainly didn't spook him.