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HUH !!!

I'm not understanding why rifles prefer some loads over others. I'm getting a rifle in a .338 win mag, and there is such a long list of particular rounds all of which are unique. Can't I just fire one kind of bullet (I'm thinkin a Nosler Partition 225 gr.) out of my rifle and just stick with it. The more I read the more I see the answer isn't that easy. Which is why I'm confused. Do I really have to buy a big variety of ammo just to find one that works. HA! Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing I guess. It would all be in good fun.
But really. I still don't understand why a rifle would prefer a certain bullet over another in terms of MOA.

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I'ts just the way it is and

I'ts just the way it is and several things can affect it. Rifling twist can be one concerning bullet weight. 

But you're right in thinking to setle on just one in my opinion. Try several and if the accuracy is there just stick with it. The partition is a good bullet and could be the perfect one right off.

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If you want to shoot one

If you want to shoot one round our of a rifle there is nothing stopping you from doing it. As Hunter said you might have get it right the first time around and may not need to even try any others. The nice thing about trying different rounds is to find the one that shoots the best with the performance that you want.

I have a .340 Weatherby that hates the Nosler Partition. But it loves the 225 grain Barnes X bullets which shoot sub MOA out to 400 yards so that is what I use.

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The 340 Weatherby was a toss

The 340 Weatherby was a toss up with the 338 Win Mag that I ended up going with. The 340 has better ballistics, but the ammo isn't as common, and it's a little more expensive.

But it's definitly on my list of certain rifles to own.

I grew up loathing over Weatherby's 378. Always had intended to make that one my first hunting rifle. I think settling on the 338 wasn't a bad decision though.

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You must like punishment! How

You must like punishment!

How well a bullet work's for you is gonna depend mostly on you. What do you want? Most hand loader's set a min size group the rifle must shoot or down the road it goes. That group is usually 1" @ 100yds or better. If I don 't get real close to an inch, I tear the rifle down and re-bed everything. If it doesn't shoot then, down the road. I've only had one rifle that went down the road.

Now if your not trying to make your hunting rifle shoot like a benchrest gun, your gonna spend a whole lot less time trying loads and bedding. A rifle that shoots 1 1/2" @ 100yds is fine for a hunting rifle. Unless your looking for long shots, the vast majority of your shooting will be 200 yds and less. If your rifle and load is set up right, your good to 300 yds with no holdover. In theory, a 1 1/2" 100yd rifle shoots 4 1/2 " at 300yds. Might be a streach on sage rats but big game is a gemme!

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