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Very nice deer, thanks.

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The pic was taken here in Colorado by a DOW officer in a helicopter during a count. cool

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seen that pic before, I

seen that pic before, I remember it was taken in northern Co, I want to say around King's crossing but dont quote me on it.

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Nice one

I know where that buck lives.... in my hunting dreams...I can only hope to see a buck like that during season

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Colorado definatley has some

Colorado definatley has some huge bucks to offer. The problem is you need to be a billy goat to get to them unless you have the late season tag. That second picture is pretty cool.

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Kinda makes me wish I could

Kinda makes me wish I could afford a helicopter for scouting in the off season. Thumbs up

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Booner 4 Sure

DAM!!! Thats one i could handle seeing in my sights. One thing for sure , he did'nt get that big by being dum or making mistakes

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