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Hoyt Cam and 1/2 Bows

Does anyone have any comments or experience shooting Hoyt's new Cam and 1/2 line of bows? I am in the market for a new bow, and I have been shooting a Hoyt since 96.


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Hoyt Cam and 1/2 Bows

The new cam and a half system has to be the best thing to happer to bows since the compound!! I shot it last week and was really impressed. It depends on what model you want and your ability and experiance. I am really impressed with the supertec bow, it has the spiral cam and a half and is for advanced archers but it seemed not to kick and was scorching arrows at over 330 fps. not what i would choose for a hunting bow but there are alot of other models available with this new cam.

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Hoyt Cam and 1/2 Bows

yea the new cam and 1/2 bows shoot great they are very forgiving and quick so you don't give up speed , I bow hunt with a hoyt and hoyt only. the next bow that im going to buy is a hoyt cybertec bad little bow if you have a chance to shoot one i would highly recommend it, the feel of the bow is just great.

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Hoyt Cam and 1/2 Bows

I just got a new 2003 Hoyt Ultra Tec cam 1/2. In one word, SWEET!!!!!!!

Forgiving, Forgiving, Forgiving
Virtually no hand shock
Quiet - I have done nothing but add my site to it and this bow is deadly quiet. My friends at the range never heard it even fire when I first shot it.

Fast - I am getting 276 fps with a Beman 340 Hunter ICS , plastic 4" fletching, 100 grain head, and the Easton nock. Thats not bad for a hunting weight arrow.

Solid wall at full draw. Love the way this bow works and shoots.

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Hoyt Cam and 1/2 Bows

if you like the 2003 ultratec you should shoot a 06. lol. so much better. all i have to say is i own 4 and dont have anyother brand inmind. its smooth and fast. i have an 05 ultramag that im probly going to sell. its 50-60lbs and 27-29 1/2 draw. PM me if interested. also this bow is mint condition.

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