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Hows guys doing in areas 12/23/24 colo had to leave wife ill.

Hi my friends i was in Meeker last week and on Thursday my wife had a heart atack and we returned to Wis .Was hoping to have some guys tell me about your hunt and good fortunes .Hope you had sucsess.And do any of you know about the cow hunts in Nov and Dec out there ??? THANKS for looking and Yes my wife is doing better day by day ,Thanks for your info .

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Sorry to hear about your wife

Sorry to hear about your wife but glad she is doing better. As for hunting in 12/23/24 it was a fairly typical season overall from what I have heard on elk with a slightly better than average year for deer. As for the cow hunts send me a PM and we can talk that part.

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Thanks for the note i sent

Thanks for the note i sent you a pm hope you get it ,sure would be nice if more guys in the area would drop a line in here , thanks again

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Sorry to hear about your wife

Sorry to hear about your wife and I'm glad that she is doing alright.


As for the late season cow hunts they can be hit or miss. They are mostly in areas that have quite a bit of private land, usually up high where the elk stay during the fall and early winter. Then once they move into their wintering grounds the hunt starts hopefully. I have had a number of late season cow tags and have only taken one cow during them and have found out that your usually better off during the general seasons. You pray for snow up high to drive them down but not so much that you can't get around in the lower elevations.

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