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How's The Early Corn Harvest Going To Affect Your Strategy

I live in Indiana and it seems like the corn harvest is going to be way ahead of schedule this year.

How does an early corn harvest change your hunting strategy ?  What would you recommend as

the best hunting strategy with an early corn harvest ?


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   I have seen a few places

   I have seen a few places here in Ohio cut, but so far the areas I hunt in the corn appears fairly green yet and probably won't be coming down for a while. But, if your's is coming down, I would look at that as a plus.

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I like the early corn harvest

I like the early corn harvest b/c it tends to concentrate deer in pinch points/funnels on the way to the corn fields. When the corn is still standing, the deer are more scattered and enter the fields at different points. Once the corn is cut, they start their fall travel patterns and I can narrow down the ambush sites.

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As long as they don't eat it

As long as they don't eat it all up before you get a chance to hunt it, I don't think it's too big a deal.

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