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As long as you're happy with

As long as you're happy with it. It doesn't matter what others think. Unless you ask for opinions.  Big smile

I have an early Rem 700 BDL in .270.  Leupold 4x33 fixed scope. Good for coyote to moose. 150 gr Partitions.


Good luck with your new gun.

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Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site!

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Welcome to the forum..alot of

Welcome to the forum..alot of great guys here with alot of great knowledge.  Congrats opn getting into hunting and for getting a new gun.  .308 great all around gun...I am a fan of large calibers....I guess that's why I like to shoot my .338 Win Mag for everything.!

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thanks.  this rifle wil

thanks.  this rifle wil eventually get built for long range matches.  someday.  eventually ill get something else for hunting.  a bit lighter, maybe a bit stronger. .3006 or 7mm mag probably.

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it doesn't need to do it all

A match gun usually makes a very poor general purpose hunting rifle.  Stick with something a little more versatile to hunt with.  .308 is great, but go with a standard or lightweight barrel, not a heavy varmint or target barrel.  Barrel weight has nothing to do with inherent accuracy and cold bore consistency.  If you're buying a factory heavy barrel, it's still going to be crappy compared to a hand lapped Lilja or Bartlein.

Anyway, go get a Winchester M70 Extreme Weather or Ultimate Shadow Stainless or Remington 700 Mountain Rifle, or SPS Stainless or XCR, T/C Icon or Savage 16 or something along those lines for a hunting rifle.

For a target rifle, it looks like Savage makes some pretty solid guns right out of the box, but I dang sure wouldn't want to hunt with one of those beasts.

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I agree with Ex.  You need to

I agree with Ex.  You need to decide on just what you want to do.  Hunt or target shoot.  It is bad enough after a day of packing a 12 lb rifle up and down the hills but when you add a couple of more pounds it will get unbearable.  Also just how serious are you planning on getting with both sports.  This will decide on just what you spend and if it is target shooting then the sky is the limit if you really want to get good at it. 

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