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Welcome to the board...come

Welcome to the board...come in sit down and stay awhile.  as said before alot of great info her from alot of great people.  Good lucking in your outdoor adventure this year!

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Welcome IdahoMtnBoy


Welcome to Big Game Hunt IdahoMtnBoy!

There are folks who have hunted longer than some of us have been alive.  There are new hunters here, and a lot of folks with experience levels in between.  The one thing in common is that we all love the thrill of the hunt and share a willingness to help each other.

I have never yet made it to Idaho - everyplace has its special features and every hunter has skills and stories that are unique to them too - so while there is a LOT of information on this site, I look forward to your contributions and learning from you while you are here.  I have a feeling that you are going to like it here.