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How old is this Bull?

I went along with my good friend Alex on an early season bull hunt this past weekend in Arizona. He took this bull late on opening day. We discovered that all of this bull's teeth were worn down to the gums and his well worn ivories were very loose. He was apparently very old. Can anyone help with determining how old this old guy was?

Alex's Bull.JPG
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Well, by the looks of him I'd say he's as old as he was going to get. Big smile Nice bull, BTW.

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How old is this Bull?

A wild guess would be 6 1/2 years old. 350-ish. Awesome bull.


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How old is this Bull?

Looks to be in his prime but I believe the only true way to tell is by looking at his teeth. I agree with AZThunder, nice bull!

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How old is this Bull?

From the pic he looks like he is coming into his prime but after your description of his teeth maybe he was past his best season.

I would like to hear what that might be in calender years.

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How old is this Bull?

I can't tell you his age for certain, but I can tell you that will not get any older. Nice mature 7x6? bull!!! I want one.

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