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How Obama Got Elected

Yeah, that definately is a subject people would rather forget.

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How Obama Got Elected

I got an idea for resolving the Gitmo business: just open the gate and say, "Git!!!" Let Fidel deal with 'em.

I'm joking, of course. Gitmo is a tough one, I'll admit. Should do something with those guys detained there, but what? I don't know. Nothing really strikes me as being altogether appropriate. They are NOT protected under the US Constitution. That should be perfectly clear to anybody with gray matter. The document that seems like it should have the authority is the Geneva Convention, but I'm not nearly familiar enough with it to make a call.

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How Obama Got Elected
civetcat wrote:
have not heard of any rulings on Habeas Corpus by the SCOUS recently


Habeus Corpus has been at the center of the illieagality of the Gitmo detentions and if you'd been reading any reputable news source over the past 5 years you would know that. If you'd also taken a look at the Wiki link I provided you would have had a jumping off place for further reading. You should look upon this site and these discussions not only as a place to argue but also as a source of ideas. There's a whole world out there. Use google, use wiki, use your brain.

We were talking about the Supreme Court here were we not?
The wiki link again. Get over that my boy.
You don't tell me what to do.
I could go straight to wiki and use the information there to discredit you as I have done in the past. It's too easy and it bores me.

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