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how much???????

Serious hunter so you would have poped this deer if the guide hadn't of taken you there? The biggest part of getting game is being in the right place at the right time,No matter who spotted what he got you there.I have been guiding hunts for the last 30 some years ,just owning the camp,made me in charge,by scouting our area and placing people in the right spots.Every body walks into somthing sooner or later but this dosn't make them a hunter.The charge is splitting the grocery bills not 2000 dollars.So what happened, you stumbled on a deer and the guide probably told you there was a good chance of this and you got lucky BTW GOOD JOB ! GOOD LUCK IS HALF THE CHASE! The guide was pretty happy about this wasn't he?

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how much???????

Actually he was pretty p-d off about the `pop'. But I was a willing pack animal and helping hand the whole trip - so he kind of `overlooked' it. We had a day to kill at main camp - so I decided to go on a `walk', which down there, is a climb. I found three nice bucks, but screwed up on the stalk (short story kept short). Later I found a small buck with a herd of does/fawns - and popped it. It was kind of an un-comfy situation - as I was on the trip as an observer / cam man. (I really wasn't `supposed' to even be hunting - but I had a tag for the area, and on my way out of camp my dad handed me his rifle.)

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