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how much time

How many days do you spend each year in pursuit of your favorite game? I normally log about 23 days.

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how much time

3 days for deer already this season. probably about 10 days (evenings mostly) already for grouse/quail. hopefully i'll get that blacktail tag filled soon and then i can concentrate on patterning elk and getting some duck hunting in.

all in all i'll probably get about 30 days in a year...maybe a little more if i am lucky.

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how much time

I spend about 20-30 days in the field each year. I hunt Deer, Elk, Waterfowl and Upland.
Deer and Elk take up 10-15 days each year.


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how much time

When i am not in school im out hunting on my property or down the road a ways. this year i got 2 turkeys, bull elk, and a huge blacktail. im guessing i hunt 60 days of the year.

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how much time

The 2002 Season I spent roughly two months in the field actually hunting. It breaks down like this:
1st archery season 3 weeks
2nd archery season 3 weeks
Turkey hunting 1 week
Bear hunting 1 week

I saw alot of animals and eventually taking a nice buck. If that silly bull elk would have came ten yards closer..........

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how much time

I spend a lot of afternoons hunting locally. But between elk, deer, duck, grouse,and cougar I usually spend about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks a year hunting.

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how much time

for me and my dad we normally go out ever weekend for 2 months and during the weak lots so around 30-35 days and still we only get one deer a year

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