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After reading all of the

After reading all of the posts I am considering myself lucky to have heard, seen and chased a few elk around in the my 1st quick 5 day elk season. By the sound of it a few years finding an area and a learning curve may be needed before taking elk consistently every year.

Now that I have found a decent spot I hope to put some time in for next season.

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Including my season that just

Including my season that just concluded this year, I am 0 for 4.  However, mentally it does not feel that bad because my first two elk hunting seasons were only one day of hunting each.  I do feel like I am getting closer.  I had shot opportunities on cows, but, for now, I want my first elk to be a bull.  It only has to be legal, but I want a bull.  

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Antlers really don't taste

Antlers really don't taste good. Cows are sweet and smell good. They don't roll around in pee and mud like bulls. They aren't full of testosterone which does nothing for the taste of the meat.


Getting a cow is not that easy. You can't call them in. They don't act stupid like a bull in the rut. The cows stick together and look out for each other. Did I mention that antlers don't taste good?

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I'm 1 for 1 now, popped a cow

I'm 1 for 1 now, popped a cow on the last day of the season. That being said, I spend countless hours doing research and scouting before the season. Even then, the learning curve was steep and didn't see any elk until the last day.

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It took 6 years to finally

It took 6 years to finally put one on the ground myself. Hunted archery back in the early days so made it that much harder. I would say you did very well for your first year. It is my philosphy on elk that I take the first legal animal I can. Waiting for the second one never seems to come for me and I like a freezer with elk in it.

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It took me 2 years

It was my second year hunting the same area, and hunting hard for many days both years, to finally bag a cow while archery hunting.  I started elk hunting using a bow and then decided rifles and muzzleloaders were good weapons to use as well.

Don't get discouraged, elk hunting is hard.  Some seem to find the "lucky" spot and talk about bagging an elk every year from their favorite rock or point.  Myself, I've had to hunt pretty hard and put in a lot of miles for most of the elk I've ever been fortunate enough to harvest.  I figure it makes it that much more meaningful for me, knowing I've earned the opportunities rather than just got lucky.  But, when luck taps you on the shoulder, that's not too bad either.

Stick with it, you'll get your elk.

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I started elk hunting when I

I started elk hunting when I was 14. I grew up in Colorado and was going with my Dad before I could carry a riffle. My first year I jumped a big 6x6 but couldn't get a shot off.  My second year I got shots off at some cows but didn't connect.  I finally put my first elk which was a spike bull down on my third year.  Almost every year sense I have seen elk during my hunt.  I have not always give one a dirt nap.  But I have a better then average kill ratio.  But I have learned that you never pass on an animal especially if you are hunting public lands.  To many variables that can keep you from seeing more elk if you do.  Plus the number of hunters these days makes it harder to find trophy animals on public land. Good luck and happy hunting.

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