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How many yeard did it take?

Well after my 1st year hunting elk I came up short.  We saw elk, heard some bugling and chased a small herd around for a few days but had no shot.  How long did it take everyone to bag there 1st elk?

I almost had a shot my 1st 45 mins of the season, but that would of been too easy!

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Well, I'm batting .000 after

Well, I'm batting .000 after my first year, too. I read somewhere that one should never pass on a shot on the first day that you would take on the last day. I think I'd've had nailed that sucker and then enjoyed the next 4 days off work!!

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Still waiting for my first

Still waiting for my first also....

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2nd year

I didn't grow up in elk country, but my second year of hunting after moving to Montana, i bagged my first.

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Actually for me it was 8

Actually for me it was 8 seasons I think before I killed my firtst elk but then I was only buying a tag as an extra while I was deer hunting and mot really dedicated to it. My first one was a calf in a late season but it was really exciting. I still don't really push very hard for them but seem to average a cow every other year or so and a bull about every ten. Just an average but it's gotten much better. Everyone in the family is about the same so we do get quite a few elk. Where we hunt it's usually just a matter of how much snow we get as to whether or not the elk are there.

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Still working on it...

Depending on how you look at it, I'm either going on two years or 16.  I first hunted elk in WY in 1995 with no success.  I moved away late that year, but I'm back and chasing them again this year.  I passed on a 4x4 on opening day that wasn't quite a perfect shot (behind a little bit of brush) and didn't see another animal for my remaining 3 days.  I'm heading back out again this weekend to give it another shot.  Hopefully the elk are more cooperative and hopefully I catch a little post-rut bugling.

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about 4 years of otc public

about 4 years of otc public land to straighten out the learning curve and now it is game on.

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deer and small game hunted frequently as a teen. Kind got out of hunting for a bit in my twenties except for an occasional small game or spur of the moment buy an elk tag and go for a couple three days kinda thing. Not very succesfull then. In my early thirties my dads and subsequently my interest in serious 'no jacking around' elk hunting got lit. We learned the heck out of an area close to home and being we bothed worked out we were physically able to cover miles and pack out game if needed since no roads where we hunted. This got us away from people and into game. I also always used a weeks vacation to hunt to give me time not just going for a weekend or three days. If that's all you got it's better then not going, but more days leads to more opportunities.

The first year we hunted for elk again serious was 2005 and in those years I've taken three bulls and two cows and my dad has taken three bulls. My first bull was in 07 my dad's in 05.

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I shot elk my fisrt 7 years

I shot elk my fisrt 7 years of trying though they were cows and spikes. I have yet to shoot a branched bull. I'm hoping that will be next year. I have been shooting big game for 18 years but been in the woods with my dad hunting since I was 5 so a total of 25 years. I have been in a drought though for the past 4 years. I'm hoping in 3 weeks my luuck will change.

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The first time I went elk

The first time I went elk hunting with my dad was 1965. We had moved within 100yds of a 5x5  bull. I had my sights on him and lowered my gun. I said "you take him dad". He dropped it, and we never got a shot at another bull on that hunt. I got mine the next year.

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5 Seasons

I shot my first elk this season, it was my 5th elk hunt.  I hunted elk 3 seasons in Wyoming, and twice here in Colorado.

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