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How many times

With only a week to hunt, you want to take advantage of every minute you have.  You hit your favorite hideout day after day in hopes of connecting with the big one. 

Can you overhunt your favorite hotspot?  Does going back two or three times a day actually ruin your chances of success?  How often would you go back to the same spot?  I think it makes a significant difference when hunting whitetail, but I'm not too sure it matters on mule deer.

What do you think?

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As far as muleys go I don't

As far as muleys go I don't think it matters either. I have many times passed throught the same area in the same day and usually many days in a row. Hunting on public land and with all the pressure that goes with it there seems to always be more or different animals in the area. Plus the changing weather is always moving things around as well. Whitetail I'm not sure as I rarely get to hunt them. But ny family back east sits the same stand all week every day and sometimes do take thier animal on the last day.

Of course all these observations are not based on trophy hunting but merely out trying to fill the freezer. Some big ones have been taken but a lot more does and small bucks.

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Depending on the terrain and

Depending on the terrain and size of the area one hunts (especially whitetails) I do think a spot can get "overhunted". Especially early in the season, when deer are not used to any human intrusion, I like to sit a good spot for as long as possible. I've even been known to spend an entire day in a stand, lugging along my lunch with me.

You risk, early on, spreading undo scent by making 2 or 3 trips a day to a spot. This, in my opinion, can be a real no-no for whitetails. If you have proof of a good buck in an area, either by trail cam photos, sign such as rubs and scrapes and heavy, well-used trails, taking a comfy stand and watching as long as you can stand it could well be your best bet. I think many hunters become discouraged by 9 AM opening morning, if the "Mr Big" they suspected was using the area has not shown.

Maybe he had a hot date last night and is simply gonna return home a bit late today. Best bet might be to simply wait him out Yes

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aren't you supposed to sit there ALL day?

What do you mean two or three times a day Arrowflipper, aren't you supposed to sit there ALL day and everyday until the deer that you are waiting for shows up?

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Well in my case I only have

Well in my case I only have one stand so im either hunting or im not I kinda have to go to the same spot for bow but for gun I use my neighbors stands cause he usually tags out the first weekend so I get to hunt the next weekend.

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 i dont really think it

 i dont really think it really matters unless they see you in that area, so why not.

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I do think you can over hunt

I do think you can over hunt your honey hole, but not in a weeks time.  For Mule Deer it takes about 2 weeks before you will not see any more deer.  But Elk on the other hand it really depends on the time of year.  If they are Rutting and i mine RUTTING!!  its like you are not even there, but other times of the year after a week of hunting they are there you just won't see them.  Take to heart this is where i live in New Mexico.  It could be very differnt state to state or unit to unit.  It also depends on numbers.  Too low of numbers and it won't take very long at all to run things off. But if you have lots of numbers you can hunt for weeks.

Another thought is to have 3 or 4 hot spots and learn to move around.  i have 3 for deer and 2 for elk.  and thats in each unit i hunt.  i hunt alot of differnt units through the years. 

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There is a huge difference

There is a huge difference between hunting for the freezer and hunting a mature whitetail buck. I have stands that I can practically sit in every day day and shoot a doe or  a young buck. But, when I'm after the big boy I have certain stands I sit in only when conditions are right. It's not just sitting in that stand that might ruin the area, it's entrance, exit, personal scent control, wind direction,(which is the biggest one). To nail those mature bucks these are all vital things you must know and do.