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How Many States Are You Applying for?

It looks like the application season is wraping up soon and credit cards are groaning and begging for mercy.  Two questions for you; how many different states have or will you apply for tags in and, which state had the easiest application system?

Between unanticipated contributions to my new cardioligists retirement fund & a graduating just turned 18 year old daughter, I'm limited to Nevada this year with elk bonus points in Colorado.  My out of state hunts this year will have to be lived vicariously through your adventures so good luck to you all! 

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I cut back quite a ways this

I cut back quite a ways this year due in part that I plan on drawing a few of the tags that I am putting in for and don't want to overlap the seasons which could happen quite easily.  So after that thought I put in in Wyoming deer and elk, Arizona elk and antelope and will put in for their deer in June, Utah for antelope, bison, moose, and elk and will have a general season deer tag for the southern area, Colorado gets my money for elk, deer, goat, sheep, and moose and I will draw my antelope that this year. 

I agree that the credit card does make a real good hand warmer after the application time but it soon cools off.  As far as the easiest state to put in for I personally believe that any of them that offer it on line is the best.  I can't wait until Arizona gets back into the 21st century. 

I can't believe that you are not putting in for tags in Utah.  The credit cards are not charged until you draw a tag and all you need is a small game license to apply for the draws, and if you work the dates right you only need to buy that small game license once every two years.  Not to mention that a non resident can put in for every animal that you can hunt there.  That makes resident hunters mad because they only can pick one limited entry and one once in a lifetime hunt. 

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Everything in my home state

Everything in my home state of Colorado and a few different animals in Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. My Texas deer tag is otc so I don't have to worry about that one. I should draw deer and elk here and antelope in Wyoming, other than that it's all a toss up as to whether or not I get the rest.

I agree that once you know their system all the online states are pretty easy. It's just the first time for each new state that can be a little confusing.

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Just putting in for Oregon

Just putting in for Oregon again this year, Next year i'mm starting the out of state madness, i want to do a hunt in Colorado in 2014 so i figure I'll get a few points and hopefully draw a decent tag. In OR I put in for points for deer and lope, deer i will do archery otc, elk I may draw the tag i want who knows, I'm on the boreder, if not I'll do otc archery. I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning 2 time this year than drawing a sheep tag. oh yea and put in for a spring bear point. And a doe tag i should draw. should be a fun year. Good luck to all.

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Well, I must say, that

Well, I must say, that Colorado was rather simple to do online.  I figured it would be a pain, but actually, it was a breeze.

I put in for a point there, with hopes of hunting next year.  Other than that, I will apply in California, and I will be hunting whitetail in Vermont this year, but it does not require an application, just buying a tag.

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a couple

I'm in for points in Utah for elk and deer,  sheep/goat/moose/antelope in Colorado, points for antelope and elk in Wyoming.  

Things I might actually draw are elk, deer and bear in Colorado, deer and antelope in Wyoming, and deer in Nevada.

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