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How many people use their phones while hunting? What features?

I have been a hunter for years, and I thought it would be fun to create an app for hunters.  I am looking for a little feedback from the forum! 

We have an app in development and getting ready for launch - but I would like to know some of the features that you would want in it.  To find out more, you can search fro Deer Diary on Facebook!

Leave some thoughts on our page or here - we want this app to rock for Hunters! 


Deer Diary

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Hmmmmm...... Okay, I'll

Hmmmmm...... Okay, I'll bite.

This is my first year that I will actually posess a "smartphone" during hunting season.  I had an old dinosaur phone until recently.  I watched alot of the guys post in the past couple of seasons "from the field" updates.

I really like that concept.  Even though I go into the woods to be by myself, and enjoy the woods and wildlife, I still think it's pretty cool to be able to be connected with friends while you are out there. 

Maybe snap a photo from the field, especially a trophy shot.  The only thing I am cautious with though, in terms of the new phones, is that the phone will "tag" your photo with your GPS coordinates if it is enabled.  Anyone viewing your photo will know exactly where you are hunting.

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I am one of those "old

I am one of those "old fossils" that does not and will not own a smart cell phone. I do carry my basic cell phone and use it to call my hunting partner to help if I shoot something, or become ill.

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How would it be to be able to

How would it be to be able to hunt somewhere a phone actually works instead of having to hike up onto a ridge or drive closer to a town. 

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Here in New Mexico i get

Here in New Mexico i get service in deep canyons.  i only use my phone for checking with loved ones and calling my hunting partern to let them now somethings down, and even then its a text not a call.

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some uses

I carry my smart phone but I really don't know how to use it to help me be a more successful hunter??  I wish someone would put a chip in some huge buck and let me use my iPhone track him.  When that becomes available, let me know.

I have only had my iPhone for one deer season and I did use it for one item.... when I shot my buck last fall, I took a few pictures and sent them to my friend at the house.  By the time I walked in from the back forty, he had the 4 wheeler out and ready for me.  He had already forwarded some pictures of my buck to his friends.

Another reason the iPhone might be good is if I got lost and could broadcast my location.  I do have an app on my phone that lets my daughter track me if we both have that program on.  I guess if I got lost in an area that had phone reception, I could call her and turn the app on.  Shazammmm, a helicopter would be on the way.

I would be interested in hearing of other creative ways that I could use my smart phone to enhance my hunting experience.  Typically, I turn it off and don't turn it on until I am out of my area or have already been successful.  Can you imagine tip-toeing through the woods only to come on some guy chatting with his girlfriend, right in the heart of your hunting area?  Can you imagine what you might have to say to that guy?

Oh, I do have one app that I might use on a hunt.  It's a hunting app that lets me go hunting and shoot several animals and get points for it.  I might use that one to waste some time in the middle of the day or before the sun comes up.

OK, if anyone out there knows better ways to use my smart phone, please let me know.


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Ha Ha!

arrowflipper wrote:

  I wish someone would put a chip in some huge buck and let me use my iPhone track him. 


Oh Man, if only we could do that... lol

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I don't have a smart phone as

I don't have a smart phone as I just don't want to pay for one but even if I did Idoubt I would do much more than I do now. I will call after I get out or try to make a call if I get something but rarely have enough service to get one through. I take a few pictures if I remember to use my phone as well as my camera and send them off on the way down. Other than that I don't know what you could use one for out there.

Okay I remember when I was sitting in a blind in Texas for hours on end I did do a lot of texting to friends and my son who was sitting in another blind about a quarter mile away.

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I usually always take my

I usually always take my phone with me when I am out in the field. It is a nice tool to have when your out there.

I usually use it for What the time is, sunrise, sunset, temp, barometric pressure, moon phases, camera, flashlight, and the biggest thing bragging right after I shoot my deer.

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Smart phones hunting??

I thought hunting was a way to get away from technology. I use my reg. ole cell phone for emergencies.

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I take mine out to check the

I take mine out to check the time. I also will text to my son if he is out with me when I shoot one or he does me. I also get a nice pic of my trophy and send it to my friends and family right away. Also in case there is an emergency at home or in the field I will be able to be reached or reach someone.

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