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How many guns do you bring?

Just curious to see how many guns other hunters bring into to woods.  I'm not necessarily talking about how many do you literally carry with you while you hunt, though that's interesting too.  More of, do you bring a shotgun for camp protection, a .22 rifle/pistol for plinking, a O/U for grouse hunting, a sidearm for personal protection, and or maybe a backup hunting rifle? 

Considering we are do-it-yourself group and not restricted to a horse saddle bags, I generally bring a rifle and back up rifle, a sidearm, and at leat one .22 pistol and or rifle.  How about you guys?

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I have only brought one rifle

I have only brought one rifle for my hunts that I go on. Even this last springs bear hunt I only had one rifle with me. I have always figured that if I need to I can always borrow one even if I am hunting out of state and need one for some reason. There are times that I will be hunting with a pistol and if I am packing my Contender I'll usually have one of my .44 mags on my side as a back up gun. I also always have a shotgun just in case a grouse shows up for the dinner pot, for this I have a .410 side by side. I don't pack it with me but if I am on my wheeler or in my truck I'll have it. It is also nice to have in case I tag out and I still want to hunt some small game such as birds or rabbits. Now if we are hunting in a area that has lots or rabbits I will usually have a scoped 22 also.

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I always bring a extra Rifle when i come out west on a hunt.
so that there is one extra gun in camp just in-case someone has a problem, I believe in Murphy's law. Yes
and I bring my Glock 40 S & W that i carry when i am scouting.


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I typically bring my hunting rifle and my .22. I sometimes bring my Ruger Super Redhawk (9 1/4" barrel) .44 Mag, but not a lot.

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I've never brought more than

I've never brought more than one. Maybe i've been lucky, but it's all I ever needed too.

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I usually only have my

I usually only have my primary gun and a backup in camp.  I don't even specifically have to have a backup, so long as I know we have some redundancy in camp.  For my rifle elk hunt in about a week, we will have 3 hunters and 4 rifles.  As long as we all don't mess up, the extra rifle should cover us.  

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Bowhunting a sidearm 44 mag. If big game rifle my primary and sometimes a 22 centerfire if i think i may get some predator calling in as well.

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For big game hunting it is the Ruger 300 win mag plus the 357 on my hip. We do have a couple of extra rifles along just in case or for some varmit hunting.

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I like to have a backup gun

I like to have a backup gun in camp or in the truck.  Can't say I've ever needed it, but one of these days I'll slip and knock the scope or something like that and then be glad I had a backup at camp.

Related to that, I've also always taken my gun tools and cleaning kits with me when hunting to leave in the truck.  Never needed these either, but it is cheap and easy peace of mind.

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