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not as many

All I can say is, "I haven't hunted in nearly as many as I'd like".  I have only hunted Idaho, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming as well as Africa and Germany.  Not nearly enough!!

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Illinois ,Iowa,Missouri,Arkansas,Colorado,Wyoming, Canada

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not enough

Hunted in CO,ID,MT SD,MN,WS,IA,IL and Ont, Manitoba, and Sask in Canada

Fished in MN,WS,IL,MI,MT,FL,AK, and Ontario, Manitoba, Sask, Mexico

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Not as many as I would like but; I'm still breathin'!

Hi Everyone!  I'm the new kid on the block.  I just happened to stumble on this site while checking out some outfitters for a pig hunt in Texas.  Great little site!!!  I'm a native of "Gods Country", Colorado.  So, I haven't really needed to go outside of the state borders to keep my hunting passion fueled.  I do want to kill a boar and a Caribou and Colorado just doesn't offer those critters.  So, Texas and Alaska are on my agenda.  I've been invited to hunt white tails in Georgia and North Carolina.  I have a cuz living in Montana and have been working on him lately.

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FL, MS, AL, GA, TN, SC, CO my


my favorite public land hunt to date is on the islands of the Tombigbee River, in MS & AL

Corps of engineers land, and the most unaccessible places i've found are by boat/ then wading.