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:lol:  I didn't even notice

:lol:  I didn't even notice you were from Nebraska.

I had a guy on a Nebraska hunting forum that says his parents own a farm outside of Omaha.  He said it doesn't matter, this year or 5 years down the road, let him know, I can hunt there for deer.

Pretty cool.  Just gotta figure out when I can take him up on his offer.Thumbs up

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Twentyfive seems low for a lifetime of hunting to me.

Good discussion topic Hunter.

Twenty-fivedeer in your whole life seems low for a full lifetime of hunting to me. But if you hunt a few years and give up I suppose that avereages out the guy who hunts every year for his whole adult life. Some hunters included in the average will not have taken many deer yet and would pull teh average down. Others like my granddad would pull the average up. Grandad who passed away at 95 said that he thought he had killed about 80 deer in his lifetime. He had of course been hunting since he was a boy during world war one. So that would average to about one deer per year of hunting them. That doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

Here in New York state you get one tag in the regular season, you can get one tag for black powder and one for archery and also apply for a doe tag - the odds are about 1 in 3 for drawing an antlerless tag. I don't archery hunt so on avereage I'd say I draw two tags per year. Some years only one some years three. I've had years with no tags filled and years with all tags filled.

To date I have been blessed with 20 deer in 22 years of hunting (I did not take a deer for the first four years!). That incudes ONE mule deer buck, nine whitetail bucks, and nine white tail does.

I did not count the moose as a deer although he technically is in the deer family and the biggest one I've taken to date!

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There are plenty of does in

There are plenty of does in eastern Nebraska but most of us from eastern Nebraska like to head west to chase Mullies.

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How many deer

I shot my first deer in 1965 hunting with my college roommates.  Hunting with them in 1966, I shot my first elk.  Except for the 3 years I spent in the Army ('68-'70) I've averaged about one deer a year since then.   Some years I shot two, other years (like last year), none.  That would put my deer total around 35-40.  Kind of the same with antelope but starting in 1972 .  Last November I shot my 34th elk, 29 bulls, 5 cows.  All were DIY hunts in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

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How many deer and elk ?

I have been biggame hunting since 1984 (we had to wait until we were 14 in Colorado back then) and I took my first muley with my bow. It was a little 2x2 in velvet and one of my greatest accomplishments. Since then I have taken many great critters with bow and rifle. I have taken 34 muleys over the years (21 bucks) and am comfortably at 20 elk with 11 of them being bulls.

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in western Colorado and growing up with my hunting family.

Hopefully w 2011 will bring great luck to all of us for these up and coming seasons.


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jeez over forty whitetail in

jeez over forty whitetail in that may years or more .. A couple years ago , i figured it up in our reg book and you could legally take over 300 in one season ..


couple elk one boo and one bear 

10 cape buffs and two kudu


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I staarted hunting when I was

I staarted hunting when I was 16 years old with my trusty old 30-30 my father bought me. I'm 62 now and having hunted every year since then I would say that I've taken around 40 buck and numerous doe not to say exactly because I just cant remember al of them.

A number of years ago I started writing down all my hunts in story's and putting them as a book dedicating it to my father's memory. Granted I havent put down every year where some years I took multiple buck and donated one to needy family's  but I can honestly say that I have taken my fair share so far in my life.

If I dont ever get another deer I have the satisfaction of knowing that I always did my best, treated the woods and nature with respect, and seen some of the most beautiful scenery there is while doing it.

BUT!!!!!  on another note, i'm not done yet so watch out Mr buck Dancing

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