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how many can a resident get tags for?

I am curious about how many tags can a resident obtain for deer (both white tail and mule) and elk (both cow and bulls) in the following states:


Is there one of these states a resident can get more than one deer tag? and how many?

Thanks a bunch

Randall Belshaw

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Resident Tags-Colorado

On page 5 of the Big Game brochure there is a chart showing the number of tags a hunter can leagally possess. There are three lists for Elk and for deer and using combinations a hunter can have 3 or more (using the combinations described in the brochure)

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resident tag allowances in mtn states

Hey thanks for quick reply dj

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how many can a resident get tags for?

Randall, I would recommend checking the DNR or DOW websites for each of the states you are interested in. It varies from state to state and even from year to year at times. I don't believe any of the states you have listed allow more than one deer tag at this time.

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