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how long can deer keep in the fridge

Hi, I know this is a silly question but I'm a wife that knows nothing about deer and hubby brought one home.... now I have three bags of meat and bones in my fridge and I have no idea what I'm doing ..... first off how l;ong can this poor thing stay in my fridge before it goes bad..... it's been there 8 days now... any other meat i would have thrown out already.... also what it the best way to get the game out.... thank you for any help  Big smile

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Welcome to the site Tia.  The

Welcome to the site Tia.  The first question, is the meat already processed? In other words, has it been ground, or cut into steaks, etc., or is it still whole on the bone?  If it has been sliced and ground, i may think twice about it.  Once you starts grinding and cutting, you introduce bacteria into the meat.

However, if it is still on the bone, and as long as it's been in the fridge the whole time, it still should be fine.  Some restaurants let meat hang and tenderize in a cooler for up to 3 weeks before serving it, so deer is no different.  Just make sure that the meat hasn't started to get a greenish tinge to it, or smell "bad".  It will already smell sort of metallic, for lack of a better word, and be bloody, because it's incredibly lean, and lots of blood.

As for how to get the game out, I am assuming you mean the gamey taste, yes?  Well, there are tons and tons of recipes out there that will help with that.  I would suggest doing a simple search of "venison recipes", and look for something with a red wine reduction, maybe a gravy and mushroom mixture.  Those are a couple of my favorites.  Also, you can do a roast in a crockpot, and that sort of tenderizes and softens that gamey taste.  You can also cut the meat into 1 inch cubes, and put it in a beef stew or a chili, if you like something like that.

Good luck, and enjoy!!!

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Get the game out

For ground meat such as burger I add beef fat and trim out as much of the deer fat, silver skin, etc.

For cuts of meat such as loins and roasts I soak in salt brine overnight in the fridge the night before I cook it. It helps tenderize it too.

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freeze it!

It's just like any other meat except what you buy in teh store has already been butchered a week or more when you see it put in the counter.

Debone and remove all the fat you can and drop into gallon size freezer bags then freeze solid ASAP. 

If it smells rotten after a quick rinse off, it is dog food.

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Get'n the Game out?....That

Get'n the Game out?....That would be like put'n A-1 on my Steak...Game on! lol

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