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How to include photos with your post

We have this question come up frequently on the forums, so here are the basic instructions on how to post your photos. At the bottom of your posting screen, you will see "attach files to this forum topic." 

Click on "browse" to find the photo you wish to upload and include in your post. It will automatically attach. If you upload large files, it can take a few minutes to complete the upload, especially if you are on a slow connection. It helps to reduce the overall file size of your photos before uploading. If you have more than one photo, simply repeat and add more.

If you wish to link a photo from an outside source, click on the image icon in the top bar of compose window. A small pop-up window will open, so you can enter the URL/link of the image from another server or from a photo site, such as photobucket. When entering a photo from an outside source, it's recommended that you set the width no wider than 600, and the height will automatically adjust. If your image is very large and you do not specify a width, it will not display properly.

If you have lots of photos and wish to post in the photo gallery section, please read the following help and information page:


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