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How to hunt

Ok so im 15 years old ive been hunting for 2 years with a bow for roosevelt elk early season, but i am wondering how to be more successful on a hunt, like where should i hunt in the morning then where should i move to in the noon then where should i move when the sun is about to set? What do elk do in the morning then noon then sunset? so please help me how to be more successful and please answer every question i asked.

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How to hunt

Elk are most active at dawn and dusk. There are no exact answers to your questions. There are too many variables....what time of year, phase of the moon, weather, hunting pressure, loacation....
Archery season is usually during the rut. The bulls will be thinking about one thing...cows. They will primarily call in the am and pm. The rest of the day they are watching their cows and staking out their territory to ward off any other bulls. It is not uncommon for elk to move at night, especially if there is hunting pressure or a full moon. They only way to learn the specific patterns of the elk you are hunting is to get out and scout.

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