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How high should I climb?

How high should I go in a climber for whitetails?

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How high should I climb?

depends on the situation, settings, and cover. for me, 90% of the time i will end up 18-22 ft.....here in missouri thats about the hight of where most trees begin to fork. down there in the pines you could go 60ft, but that wont do any good. i don't like to go under 18 unless i have some cover around me.

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How high should I climb?

I'm usually around 20ft + up the tree....however, it will depend on the terrain, where your hunting and where you got good shots.......If your too high you may not be able to get off a good shot, if your too low those wise whitetails might see you before you draw.....so gotta get out there an experiment a little! good luck!

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How high should I climb?

Yes ,I do believe that I do agree w/the two posts above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How high should I climb?

I agree with the above. You need to go only as high as the terrain will allow. Thumbs up

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