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Shot a smallish cow during

Shot a smallish cow during archery season this year 5.5 miles back and 2200' above the truck.  My first elk, I was pumped!  Packed it out along with our camp (we backpack in with ultralight gear) in one trip.  Boning it out saves a ton of weight.  Only 2 miles of the way back was on the trail, the rest was a hellacois slog through willows and steeps.  Did the whole thing with a huge grin on my face.  

I've been eyeing a new spot thats 6 miles in on the other side of a really deep canyon.  Can't quite decide if its possible to get an elk outta there before those 80 degree september days take its toll on the meat.

Here's a pic of my first elk.


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First elk


Congrats on your first elk ! Thumbs up That is a long ways back to take your first elk for sure. If your serious about you going into the area just be prepared to completely bone the elk and hang in a cool (shaded) area and you should be fine.


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Packin................You sound like me when I was young. Enjoy it now. As you get older the hunting areas will keep getting closer and closer to your truck.  Yes

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Ah yes, I can remember the

Ah yes, I can remember the days when I would stuff a couple of sandwiches into my shirt, strap on my canteen grab my rifle and head off into the wilderness.  I never did worry about how I was going to get a animal out until after I had shot him.  There were a few of those animals that it took two to three days to get them back to the truck but I was young then and I really didn't care as long as I got one. 

Now fast forward 40 years and I have gotten to where before I pull the trigger I will ask myself the question.  "How am I going to get it out of here"  and then quite a few times I'll just lower my rifle or bow and just watch them for a while before I hike back out of that canyon that I should of never hiked into.  I didn't get a elk here in Colorado this last year just because I asked that question.  I had found them but decided that the three mile hike out was enough with just my rifle in hand. 

Oh to be young in body again and not just in my mind. 

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I've probably got half a

I've probably got half a dozen of these 5-7 mile sweet spots picked out that I've backpacked into in the summers, or just scouted via google earth.  So many places to hunt, so little time....  I just hope my knees last as long as my ambition. lol

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To be honest in all the years

To be honest in all the years of hunting, I have not even gotten the chance to shoot an Elk! So for me I would be and AM willing to walk the distance required to get me the Elk. Last season when we went, my buddy and I figured out we walked 5 to 8 miles each way in and out. We still came home without a harvest. So I think it is personal preference as to the Walk, the Work to be done and the REWARD in the end. Thanks for Reading

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Hard to believe that someone

Hard to believe that someone that lives in CO and has hunted for any length of time out there hasn't killed an elk.  You must be snake bit Smitty!!!