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Hunting is Hunting !

SOBLE wrote:

elk, I said that I wouldn't take a shot beyond 250 yards. I didn't say that your not a hunter if you shoot beyond that. The antis dig in deeper when an ethical kill is questionable.

Soble you did not, but archeryelk did and WesternHunter believes the same way, and that is there opinion.

And by the way guys the antis can give a crap less about ethical or unethical, they are in it to stop hunting, the way they act is unethical. The only ones out there using the words "ethical" or "unethical" are hunters, outdoor writers, and guys and gals on outdoor shows. Confused

Wether we are long range hunters, rifle hunters, muzzy hunters, archery hunters, crossbow hunters, traditional hunters or any other type of hunter or trapper. WE ARE ALL HUNTERS !!!!!


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Funny this topic came up we

Funny this topic came up we were just talking about this at work.


Longest shot I have taken was at 355 yards and condition were perfect and that was with my .338 Win mag..  I am confident out to about 400.  But with that said I would rather try to get as close as possible.  It is called hunting not shooting.  I like to put myself in the animals confort zone and make the best most lethal shot I can.  Shooting from a 1000 just does feel or look like hunting to me. 

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For the ones that think that

For the ones that think that shooting an animal over 300 or 400 yards isn't hunting they need to learn that it can be done and if that is going to be your only shot and if you are capable of doing it then go ahead and do it.  My longest shot was a little over 800 yards with a slight uphill angle.  I was shooting a .340 Weatherby with a Leuopold 3.5-10X40 VXIII scope on it.  The bullets were handloaded Barnes 225 grain X Bullets at just under 3375fps.  There was no wind and there was no way to get closer to the elk.  I knew the range and I knew what I had to do to make the shot so I took it.  One shot was all that was needed but he was still standing after the first one so I shot again and he went down.  Both of the shots were killing shots.  Now if there had been a wind I would never of tried it.  It is surprising at how much confidance shooting parrie dogs at 500 yards with your hunting rifle can make you.

Most people that call themselfs hunters will only shoot their rifle once or twice a year and then put it away without even cleaning it until the next year.  They are the same ones that will tell you that it isn't hunting unless you can see the eyelashes on the animal along with not being able te tell the difference between 50 yards and 200 yards.  Now if you really want to get out and hunt then get yourself a spear and head out into the wilds of Africa and see just what you can bring home.   

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When i hunt eastern oregon

When i hunt eastern oregon the longest shot I've had was 250yrds, on the west side or jungle the longest youwill have is maybe 100 if your in a clearing.

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I am not against long range

I am not against long range shooting at all.  I just think if you can get closer to go ahead and try before you take a long shot.

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my opinion

If you can't get to within 200 yards of your game animal, then you need to rethink your hunting strategy.  Save the long range shooting amusement for the target range.  Max I would even consider is 300 yrds on a game animal in the field.

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i dont like tis topic it is

i dont like tis topic it is going to start a war among friends.

but here is my opinion. ive been "hunting" for 35 years. bow hunting for 15 years and have taken aloooooot of game animals. mostly deer and pronghorn. a few bears a few elk and a few pigs.

i shoot quality equipment that i know and trust. i read ballistic charts like most people read there phone bill! so i think i am a fairly educated "hunter" "rifleman" "sportsman".

the question asked was...how far is too far? that is a personal question... personally i fee confident enough to take a good situation shot n elk to probly 600 yards...why is that not sporting? or hunting? ive packed in all my gear and KNOW what i am capable of by shooting thousands of rounds a year through my hunting rifles...i shot iver 100 rounds last weekend and nothing under 400.

hmm i think my shooting at 400 yards is plenty sporting and the hunt is not just in the shot.

BUT i also feel that yes it is awesome to get up to an animal close and personal...would you all say that the 17 yards i put the kid i took elk hunting a few years back is close enough to qualify as "hunting"?

i think the answer to your question is this: SHOOT AS FAR AS YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE A CLEAN SHOT...you are the only one who can say that.

I have friends that i KNOW could make 99 shots out of 100 in a 10 inch circle at 1000yards. and i also know other guys who shoot there gun 2 rounds a year before they go hunting. i wouldnt trust them to hit a game animal past 200 yards consistently... it all depends on what you shoot and how often.

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Personal limit is 400 yards under conditions which allow for the best possible shot. But, let me say this I don't go to the outdoors hoping for a 400 yard shot. I will always work to get into the best possible position for a quick clean kill and if that means I can get within fifty yards without spooking that animal I will do it. However, I reload, shoot, and practice enough, that if it's the last day of season and I am suddenly in a situation where I've got a broadside shot at an unaware animal and the wind is nill and I can get a solid, solid, solid, rest, and I can't for whatever reasons get any closer.  I believe enough in my capabilites due to my shooting that I will take that 400 yd shot. If someone has never shot paper at 400 yards and there practice consists of shooting one or two times before season at 100 in my opinion they have no business shooting much beyond 200 yards. I also believe once you get to extended ranges much beyond 5 to 600 hundreds yards one is walking a fine line as so many things can cause a wounding shot which is worse then a miss. Like my man Dirty Harry says "a mans got to know his limitations" and I believe mine is in the 400 yard range.

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when is too far?

my opinion is it is too far is when the hunter don't think he or she can make an ethical 1 shot kill.  I just turned 40 and I still shoot the same model 700 bdl 30-06 that I shot my first deer with when I was 14.  I shoot alot and know what  I can do withn my rifle and what I can't do with it.  I shot a 5 pt bull elk last year at 560 yrds.  There wasn't anyway to get closer and I was 5 days into my hunt without seeing an elk since the day before season.  He was down hill with 5 mph wind I hit him through both lungs on the first shot got he moved futher down hill and the second shot was deflected by the oak brush ten feet in front of me.  I repositioned and shot him through both shoulders on the 3rd shot.  I agree with alot of you it is fun to get up close and personal and it is possible in alot of situations but, I also hunt in the oak brush and junipers where 300 to 400 shot would be common.  Two years ago I shot a bull that was across the canyon at 400 yrds. I have the motto that if they're still on their feet even though you made a good kill shot....keep shooting.  I hit him on the first shot and he started down hill.  I was leaning on a juniper and shot him 3 more times as quick as what I could run the bolt and put him in the cross hairs.  When I made it over to him you could of covered all 4 shots with a 6 inch disc.

I am not trying to brag but, good shooting comes with lots of pracitce.  Shooting uphill, down hill, offhand, sitting, running 50 yrds and shooting multiple times as fast as you can. It helps if you use your hunting rifle but, I practice with everything from a 17 hmr to a 220 swift to my hunting rifle.  What is alot of fun is to put targets on tires and roll them down the hill and shoot.

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Iam capable of hitting a dime

Iam capable of hitting a dime at 100yds with MY Ruger 7mag using Rem core lokt bullets. Saying that my OWN personal opinion is that I would not take a shot over 300 to 400 yds, thats me shooting. There are people on this site that are capable of making THOSE really long shots. I believe that if you are TRULY capable of making a KILL shot at that distance go for it. I believe it is all in the person shooting. JMHO