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I have been reading on other

I have been reading on other forums of new regulations on National Forest and BLM land consering trail cameras and leaving them unattended.  One of them in Utah is that you can not place a camera on National Forest land before 2 weeks of a hunting season.  This law has been on the books for a couple of years now but they are starting to enforce it.  Also as I have said the BLM is picking up trail cameras when they are found and they consider them abandoned property after 72 hours. 

So unless you are using them on private property you need to check with the local Forestry or BLM office before you place them if you expect them to be there when you go to get the pictures. 

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I went out today and checked

I went out today and checked my camera.  Its been a little over a week and I had several does, a few fawns, a spike and two decent six pointers.  I have lucky buck in a four foot circle and a food plot from whitetail institute (Pure Attraction).  Im getting excited at some of the prospects that I have seen.

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I will be checking on mine in

I will be checking on mine in about 2 weeks. I Haven't put any corn, feed, or minerals around them yet so I'll probably just get some pictures in passing. I just placed them on some well used trails.

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I bought a new trail camera

I bought a new trail camera and put it up yesterday I should be checking it in a week or two.

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Anybody try the Plot Watcher cameras yet? Thinking seriously about purchasing one but just haven't convinced myself that I need it.

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I never took all of my

I never took all of my cameras down. I left two up so I knew when the bucks dropped their antlers and then left them up after that to track their growth and see how the drought here in Texas was affecting their body weight and feeding habits. Luckily the area I am hunting has received some rains that other places have missed. Normally though I wouldnt have them up until the end of July, first part of August.

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338 Ultra what part of Texas

338 Ultra what part of Texas do you hunt? I hunt mainly in Montgomery County and I am going to retrieve my game cams this weekend that have been up for a couple weeks and I am fairly itching to see what is on them.

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Canadian border

I have hunted mule deer in wide open country for the past twenty years or so aand didnt think a trail cam would do me much good. Never had much reaso to buy one. Then just last year, my mom suspected someone of coming into her house to steal food. (early signs of dimentia) so to prove to her that no one was coming into her house, I bought a trail (a great excuse) cam and installed it in her house. Over the next month, we caught "her" coming and going, but no one else. But now that I had a trail cam, I decided to put it to use.

I have a good friend that owns 30 acres of forest that borders Canada. Though it's in the city limits and there's a no shooting zone, I hunt with a bow so I decided to give it a try. I took the trail camera out and stuck it on a tree. Boy, did I see a bunch of blackmail deer!

But more than that, I saw people wandering around in the woods. Since the land borders a foreign country, we have our fair share of illegals sneaking across the border. We contacted the Border Patrol and sent them the pictures. Who were those guys sneaking around in the woods??
They checked out the pictures and to my disappointment, they were border patrol officers. What an exciting way to start my trail cam viewing!

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I probably know them.....

I probably know them..... Wink

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Wow, what a way to start

Wow, what a way to start using you trail camera.  I am sirprized they didn't contact you/your friend about being on the land.  But it does make you happy to see they are doing there job. lol