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I like to be in my stand an 1

I like to be in my stand an 1 1/2 hours before legal light because most of the big buck started moving from the thickets about 5 to 10 min after legal light and within 80 yards this year we got three buck out of this field on opening day and they all were 6x6 and better, the field is cut corn  with plush green grass coming through it and we have two stand looking over this field  so that you can watch both sides of field and thickets, we have a 8x9 spoted and were going after it next year


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Good stuff ECU.  I think it

Good stuff ECU.  I think it depends on the area you're in, but where I hunt is mainly AG land with small woodlots (10-30 acres in size).  There isn't a good way to access stands on the edges of the woodlots without going through the fields bumping deer out.  This year I completely switched my hunting strategy including how and when I access my stands.  I now wait until it is barely light enough to see and throw the bino's up to check the fields.  If there are deer in them, I wait them out.  Otherwise, I keep as far away from the edges of the woods as possible and head directly to my stand.  I have only bumped deer twice this year compared to nearly every time I'd head to a stand in the past in the dark.  I don't think it has had any affect on the amount of deer I've seen either as I'm able to access the stands without a light shining and I'm able to see where I'm stepping and avoid making unnecessary noise.  I was originally given the advice by a member on another forum who has taken countless mature bucks in similar terrain in Michigan.  

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for my prior location I liked

for my prior location I liked to be in 45-60 minutes prior to daybreak. I'd be there earlier if I wasn't married with kids and just take a nap there. There is an old road bed that leads most of the way there so noise is not a real issue. It is only about 60 yds from the stand off the road bed. So I don't have to worry about crossing bedding or feeding areas. I just like to get in early enough for my scent to die down a bit.


I think a lot of it boils down to how you have to get to your stand/blind. if I have no direct path and chance jumping one in the dark I might wait till there is enough light. Great advice in this thread. It does make you rethink the I must be there before daylight rule.

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arriving at the stand

Most areas I hunt I have been hunting for several years and have favorite stand set-ups or "permanent" ladder stands. I like to arrive, like many here, at 1 hr before sunrise, 30 mins before shooting light. If I sense there's deer movement through the midday period, I'll still arrive early but sit longer, or perhaps all day. I did just that for the Indiana gun opener, 6 AM til 5:30 PM, never coming out of the stand (thank goodness for bologna sandwiches!). No buck shot that day, but about 2 1/2 hours into day #2, it all worked out. 

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no matter how sneak and peak

no matter how sneak and peak I go into a stand it takes 45 minutes for the woods to settle back into rhytm once I stop moving.

So i get on stand 2 hours before dawn.

these 2 man ladder stands as great for sleeping in, but when younger and we made our own stands before they had such things for sale, I've put hang on stands face to face or side by side so I could lay down and sleep before.

another great thing is this blackberry phone, I can set it to vibrate and it has multiple alarms I can set, take the phone and set the alarms and drop it down my turtle neck against my chest and I wake up everytime!

 sometimes pretty startled but it beats being woken by a monster 'whatever I'm after' going under the stand while I snooze.

lotsa "critter you are after"  urine,  fanatical scent control and a real early start spells success in my bow stands for me.

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