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How does your garden grow - in 2011

I've been trying to garden.  There have been no late frosts.  No horrible bugs, etc.  But the weather has been so wet - rain almost every day for weeks - that the plants are just barely holding their own - really not growing much at all.  Except potatoes which seem to be doing fine.  Pretty funny since I almost didn't palnt them - thinking that it would be so wet that they would rot in the ground.  

How are things where you are?

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The chickweed or the horsetail?

groovy mike wrote:


How are things where you are?

The chickweed or the horsetail? banghead We are just the opposite we aren't getting any rain. Most of our stuff is up but not doing much.

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here on the left coast i mean

here on the left coast i mean so cal we got tomaters, sqush, peppers,egg plant,carrots,radishes, plums,peaches are all doing great

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Not Bad

Was a bad start with all the rain this spring.  Got the peas, potatos and turnups in very late because it was to wet to till.  The taters and turnups are doing great now, the peas did not make it must have rotted in the ground!  Replanted that area with some celery (never have grown that before!)

The asparagus is all done for the season and looks like I am digging garlick in about 2 weeks.  Eating radishes and baby beets right now.  Fighting the darn rabbits to save some of my lettice.

Also have Tomatos, eggplant, beans (green and wax) hot peppers (differnt kinds), broccily, carrots, cucumbers, squash (winter and summer), pumkins, onions, watermelon and Okra.

Little bit of everything

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sounds good!

Sounds liek you are doing GREAT!  everything here is stunted from the soil being soggy!

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Well, we planted a small

Well, we planted a small garden for my 5 year old son in February.  A month ago, he finished up picking the last of his 30-40 carrots, and also must have gotten 100+ peas.  Big ones too, he'd just pop them out od the pod and eat them raw.  And, the rats started getting to his corn, so we had to pick them a little early.  Corn was good, just small.

So, we have since planted a batch of potatoes to see if they will grow down here.  Don't know what they are doing below ground, but the plant tops are big and healthy, maybe a foot tall.  We also planted some watermelon, which is growing slowly.

Nice to have multiple growing seasons out here... Wink

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Here in SW Michigan i got my garden in about 3 weeks late do to a very cold and wet Spring, but it is doing good now, been picking some lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes should be ready in a couple more weeks, and the rest of it will start being ready in late July and August.