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How does it taste?
muskrat wrote:
I agree with Chester and Maine.... I like moose meat better than deer meat. Caribou is the best I have had (big game). Black bear was so-so.... not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but not wonderful either. Partridge just fried is great. I grew up in NB, then lived in Maine - I agree about the meat hunter thing..I made a similar comment in another forum...big deer, small racks....

I had bear this weekend. I didn't get the animal, but the bar I went to was serving all wild game dishes and bear stew was one of the best I tasted

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How does it taste?

I also heard caribou is the best tasting of the big game deer family!!

Still waiting to get one so I can tell you guys lol.

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How does it taste?

Caribou meat is undoubtedly the best venaison meat there is!

Important to note since it is not a ''fat'' meat ,grilling will not be the best way to cook it (unless you take the time to rap bacon arroud like chicken tenderloin)
You could also make some ''brochette'' (meat on stick) with bacon slice next to the meat follow by mushroom,red and green peper ,baby tomato and oignon.

Like any of your venaison the worst thing you could do is ...over cooking-it, rare or medium rare or forget it , If you like your meat well done stick to cow meat Big smile Big smile

I also like to simply stear fry the caribou meat in a pan,remove it and prepare the sauce by adding oignon or shallot deglace with red wine then a bit of gravy base and cream 35 %(add sweet)
A other important thing wend it come to venaison meat it is a good idea to add a bit of sweet to your sauce (honey,fruit jam or mapple sirop) the sweet will remove the excest stong taste of wild meat and give it a milder taste.

At camp, I prepare a wild red berry jam that I hand pick for the sauce...my client appreciate.

Cook at Willie Caribou camp (Arctic Adventure)
Nunavik Québec

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How does it taste?

Thanks for the advice man Im gonna try it out next time I eat some but Ill leave out the sweet taste I like the wild taste in my game.

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How does it taste?

My only experience with caribou was pretty badly-preserved meat (spent several 70-80 degree days waiting for pickup, frozen overnight in Iliamna, thawed in the Alaska Airlines cargo hold because I didn't know any better) and it was still better than any but the best beef I've had. Maybe because the guy had been feeding on ripe blueberries for the week before we met. My few elk experiences with elk were ranched animals, little better that most beef. I can take or leave bison, have never had deer I liked. Would love to try some moose.

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How does it taste?

ok no one has said ne thing about antelope. lol. i took my first antelope and cow elk this year. ( happy me lol ) and would rather eat ether one of them over deer ne day. i have had caribou and it was good. just be careful and don't over cook it.

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How does it taste?

I was just at a party where we ate moose, deer, elk, antelope, beef, bear, and caribou.

the caribou had the strongest game taste out of all of them. [/i]

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Re: How does it taste?

Its not bad, Good venison is surely better.
Caribou eat mostly lichen and moss and are on the move most of the time, so they can be tough. a dry cow is best of all, they do have fat like white tail, it must be trimed off as it is tallow. Moose on the other hand can have fat like beef in areas, a 2 to 3 year old bull is best.
I live off of game meet and mostly moose and Caribou and will take a dry cow caribou over a bull and certainly wont touch a bull over 2 years old from late August to spring.
Bull moose tend to get ripe in Sept. and the livers look like oatmeal.
This is all my personal preference and I am sure there are those who would like to put more hair on the chest.

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Caribou sausage is epic.

Caribou sausage is epic. Amazing!

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Wild game has been my primary

Wild game has been my primary source of meat for over 40 years.  I've shot and eaten 3 different species of caribou: Alaskan, mountain, and Canadian barren ground.  I don't remember much taste difference between them.  They had a stronger wild taste than elk, but not as strong as a rutting mulie buck.

When I shot my mountain caribou in the Mackenzie mountains, the outfitter made some jerky from our caribou.  It was the best jerky that I've ever eaten.

The Canadian barren ground caribou that we shot had an inch or two thick layer of fat on their backs.  When my Eskimo guide and I were caping one of my bulls, he cut off a big chunk of fat and offered it to me saying "candy?"  One night at dinner at that camp the cook had cooked some back strap steaks from one of our caribou.  When we were eating, I was trimming the fat off my steaks and I noticed the Eskimo guides staring at me.  I offered them the fat that I had trimmed off and they quickly ate it.  I think they like the fat better than the meat. 

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