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How does it taste?

Caribou tastes great. Just like good beef. I would have to say that Elk is the best, but Caribou ranks an extremely close second.

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How does it taste?

caribou tastes great, only had it one time tho. Any good recipes?

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How does it taste?

Well I am new to this board so...... hello all. I was born and raised in NL but left for Toronto at 19 now I have returned to NL at 36 and got my first caribou last year. I have had moose meat and caribou around me all my life since my dad hunted every year but I never ate much of it till now. The caribou I got last year yeilded 120 lbs of meat. I had it done like this. 3 types of sausage 20lbs.used, 20 lbs of ground, then steaks and roasts. Every last bit of it has been delicious. i especially like the sausages. Steaks marinated for longer than 24 hours ....magnificent. Roasts cut up for big pot of stew fantastic well you get the message.Wife makes all kinds of stuff with the ground meat meatloaf, burgers, meat pie....man I gotta go eat some caribou. Screw the rack I WANT MEAT. By the way I have been going some reading online and people always mention Pope and Young B and C but they never say how good the meat was .....never. Are they actually eating it or just mounting the rack on the wall and showing a freezer full of meat to their friends years after the hunt is over lol.

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How does it taste?

i agree with cdhunt

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How does it taste?

I have had caribou that is excellent and caribou that i wouldn't feed to the dog. It has been 50\50 i have shot 4 caribou and 2 where good, 2 where so bad.

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How does it taste?

Nothing nicer than knowing the caribou steak in the sizzling frying pan is romantically garnished with onions as a supply of mushroom gravy lurks next to the pot of steaming potatoes, as you hear the words that will be undullably etched in your mind forever. " Get up, your breakfast is ready" Thumbs up

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How does it taste?

Ahh do I smell someone Griling caribou steaks

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How does it taste?

I have hunted three species of caribou so far and taken a few dozen in total. I like caribou meat as long as it is taken prior to the rut. During the rut the bulls are terrible.

I would also have to say that barren ground caribou are better to eat than mountain caribou or woodland.

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How does it taste?

My son and I hunted Caribou this fall. We took a hindquarter to camp with us from the previous hunt. We then killed two nice bulls. Ate the backstrap and tenderloins from ours along with steaks off the hindquarter. It is the only meat we had for two weeks except for moose we killed late in the hunt.

It was about like good beef or good venison. Very flavorful and relatively tender consider we killed herd bulls. Fried mostly, although we made some stew. The quarter had been aging and was tender. I am a red meat eater.

The moose was a big bull and was killed early in the rut. Tasty, fairly tender as we ate only backstrap and tenderloin. The only complaint was I found with the moose was it seemed to have a lot of connective tissue within the meat. Even tenderizing did not fix this. It was good though.

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I went to the local outdoor show a couple weeks ago and talked to an outfitter selling woodland caribou hunts. I just popped in to this forum to see if there was any info on how it tastes.........question answered. Thanks guys! The way the prices are going on guided hunts, I may never be able to afford one. sad

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