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How does it affect your hunting?

With all of the prescription ads out there for "leaky faucets" and "going problems" there must be a significant amount of people, men and women, that deal with these issues.  If you, or somone you know, has dealt with these problems, how much of an effect has it had on your/their hunting?  What types of measures do you/they take to combat this.  I could imagine that it would be nearly impossble to hunt from a tree stand if you had to go more than once an hour.   Sure if you are male, you could just stand up.  Standing up that often would likely cause too much movement and you may never see any animals.  Besides, would the lingering smell of urine have any positive or negative effect on the target animals behavior?  

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Bring an empty 2 litre soda

Bring an empty 2 litre soda bottle.  Hopefully you won't fill that up in your time on the stand.

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Ca_Vermonster wrote:

Bring an empty 2 litre soda bottle.  Hopefully you won't fill that up in your time on the stand.


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Empty soda bottle for

Empty soda bottle for sure,course i have just stood up an let it go...For the wife though i've got her a coffee can at base of tree with lid...I've herd both on weather a deer can say "well chris just soil'd the ground here" or it's just P P cant tell what it's from....i've herd that the human part in it only live's for a couple hour's...After awhile no matter what it's from dont it turn to Ammonia...P eeww....

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