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How do you use, doe in heat urine?

Just as the title asks. How do you use the doe in heat urine? How long does it last in the woods once applied? How do you apply it. I have heard cotton balls and have heard put it on your shoes and walk around. Do you have it get progessively stronger towards where you want the buck to go? etc etc.


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How do you use, doe in heat urine?

i typically dont use scent but when i do i use a scent key

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How do you use, doe in heat urine?

the felt scent keys work great....you can hang them in the area you want the buck to come into. I had great success using estrus doe urine 2 different ways this year.

First: I made mock scrapes in a line from an active scrape and made them line up directly down to my tree stand. I dripped a few drops into each scrape starting from the real one and a drip here and there along the trail between each mock scrape.

Second: I dipped scent keys and placed them in four corners around my ladder stand about 10 yards from my tree so that every direction the wind could blow in would bring them in but would cause them to look out beyond my tree in each direction instead of at my particular tree!

I visited my scrapes every day around 2pm when the deer weren't moving and dipped my scent keys every morning before sun up while walking into my ladder stand.

see for yourself whether or not this worked!

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