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How do you get into having a Game Farm?

Ok, first of all I'm pretty sure that game farming is a close enough topic related to hunting... LOL. Anyways, I tried browsing the web of how you could run your own game farm and whatever... didn't ring up anything useful. So being that I'm a newb to this topic (and forum) I'm wondering how do you get into having a game farm? So here's the questions I have and answers are much appriciated, by the way I live in Minnesota, I know different states = different rules.

P.S I can't look at my MNDNR site right now because of the state shutdown, and they usually don't give much info anyway on certian stuff.

First question, yes I'm aware that you need a license to have a game farm but is there any requirements in order to get that license? Or can you just go and buy one?

Second, how do you get animals for your farm, like if you have deer or fox or whatever, how you get them? Like can you live trap them and put them there or do you have to buy them from someone? Or can you do both? 

Third, is there anything else I should know that's important? Any special rules or whatever?

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I dont but friends do. Land

I dont but friends do. Land obviously,permits for exotic game and more permits and requirements if its ment for consumption. Its generally illegal to trap wildgame for keep for raising,there is exotic game sales in many many areas. Chamberlian SD used to be a big one there are MANY in TX. Google exotic game and you should get alot of info.  MNDNR might help but your states DEPT of AG is a more likly place to look.