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How do you define FAIR CHASE HUNTING?

Ok I have been away for awhile with illness so of course I had to post on a very touchy topic. Those who know me are cringing already Im sure LOL Laugh

Now for kmac, many have already shown you with scientific PROOF that most of these game preserves that you are downing actually provide MORE acerage than the specific animal would ever use in the "wild" as you put it. Now granted yes there are those "butthead" businesses that do things totally unethicly, such as releasing a "trophy" animal just a few days before the sceduled "hunter" is to arrive and this is compleatly unethical in my small book. But MOST of the places (we will use the Texas ranches that you mentioned in the other post) start thier places and dont even allow ANY hunting on them whatsoever for 4 to five years, inso allowing the deer,or whatever animal, to compleatly adapt to thier surroundings before being hunted. Now, if you have ever hunted on an "open" ranch with say 1000 acres then you would know that this would be a very difficult hunt in itself, not to mention the native foliage in Texas creates some of the harshest traveling conditions on the planet. If you hunt in Texas you are pretty much guarenteed 2 things. 1 is that you will be worn out afterwards, 2 is that you will be one scratched up, cut up, insect bit individual. To me , and this is just my lil ole opinion, There is little difference between hunting a 1000 acre enclosure and hunting with a guide that has already prescouted and done all the legwork for you. Another thing that hasnt been touched on is the meat itself. I live MAINLY on wild game as it is far more benificial and healthy for you than steroid ridden cattle and chicken. One thing that noone seems to realize is that you cant bring home the meat from most other countries. Now with that being said, I personally LOVE Axis deer meat as well as Fallow. You will find them both to be VERY tastey meat. I quit "trophy" hunting years ago as I feel I have enough "heads" on the wall and have no need for it. I just enjoy getting out in nature and hunting. Thats about it to that. As many others have said, please refrain from speaking about what you do not know about. And also in respect to your hunting moose with dogs comment. If you are having moose go inbetween your dogs, then you REALLY need to learn how to train your hunting dogs. If you wish, send them to me and I will straighten them out. I've trained some of the best coon hounds and rabbit dogs on the planet and would be happy to show you how to get a dog to track whichever species that you want.

Nuff said and have a wonderful day all

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Fair Chase Hunts

I agree that a true hunter chases down his kill. That is what this ranch's principle philosophy is based on. The hunts here are difficult. I suggest you spend some time getting yourself fit before you go.

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