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How do you define FAIR CHASE HUNTING?

I know that I am placing my head on the chopping block, but here goes !
I as a hunt preserve owner would like to share my opinion; to me a fair chase hunt requires enough woodland cover for the animal to easily avoid human contact, I don't consider large fenced in clear cuts as fair chase. In some cases it might take a thousand acres to give the animal enough cover and in some areas fifty acres of heavily forested land will do the job. The preserve should offer enough cover , that it is possible for the animal to avoid hunters each and every time he is pursued. Most people who object to preserve hunting, have never hunted one, and yet they are experts at condemning them, where did they get there expertise. A properly run preserve offers a hunt for those who have little time, no land to hunt on, or perhaps they have a physical limitation. Maybe they just want a nice trophy, bottom line is we do offer a real hunt , as a life time hunter I look to provide a real challenging hunt, and a facility that the animal can disappear within seconds ........Like I said , I just put my head on the chopping block, so chop away!
Respectfully, Mark Luce

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How do you define FAIR CHASE HUNTING?

well I'm not sharpening an axe for your neck mark

I have hunted preserves and game farms just for the very reason you stated: If you're going to talk about something educate yourself first.

The idea of a fenced in area no matter how large, and stocked and/or released animals in that never seemed like hunting to me.

But, in order to know what I was talking about I let several friends take me to their favorite preserves and hunt clubs for deer, boar, pheasant and other upland birds.

Let me say this in all fairness. There are 1200 so called 'guides' that have set up shop around our third generation guide service in the past 20 years. with a thousand wanna be guides and 'outfitters' what are the odds of getting a real one and not a newbie fresh in from Boston who spent lots of vacation time in the Adirondacks and now has set up shop?

Well, the numbers are 1,200 to 1 in favor of you getting an idiot with a 5 mile spool of flagging ribbon rather than us.

So, odds are the preserve industry is the same.
All nine places I went I was appalled at what they considered sporting and hunting. The entire time I was there I kept saying , this is exactly the stuff the anti's love to get on tape.

are all preserves canned?

logic says no.

In the 1800's B&C said this:

"Fair Chase is the ethical, sportsmanlike and lawful pursuit and taking of free-ranging wild game animals in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over such animals." — Boone and Crockett Club

Couldn't be more open than if a lawyer wrote that!

Is fencing in 1,000 acres and chasing a bunny a canned hunt?

I don't know.

We have 20,000 acres we hunt, no fences, and another 1.5 million acres throughout the state we lease, no fences.

fences would increase our success rate, increase the number of big animals taken, and it's big trophies that get bookings, so the smart thing to do is to fence in our areas and kill a lot of book game.

But to me it wouldn't be hunting. Not the hunting I grew up with anyway, and that is really the gist of it. It depends what you are used to I guess.

One of my top hunting guides drew an antlerless only moose tag the first year VT offered the lottery. He shot a 600+ pound cow, one shot, dropped her clean taking the top of her heart off.

A fella in VT condemned him for shooting a moose, said that was the same as walking up and shooting a cow.

THe same guy goes to a boar preserve every year where the 'guides' walk along the trails and move the hogs ahead of them for hunters to shoot.

and he braggged about the dedication his guide showed in driving out in a power boat in canada to push swimming caribou to thier side of the lake where he shot two.

and that was sporting in his mind, but shooting a moose 2 miles back in and 600 yards off the nearest logging road isn't.

I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.

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How do you define FAIR CHASE HUNTING?

I don't think that you can realistically paint all perserves with the same brush. Some undoubtably are "fair chase" at least in spirit and others certainly aren't.

As for fences I don't have a problem with someone fencing their land as long as the fence is designed to keep poachers and non-paying hunters out, not deer in (say 5ft or so high). In the long term it's healthier for the deer that way too - keep the gene pool fresh and save a lot of game management problems.

That's my 2cents.

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