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aaalaska wrote:

My redhawk is carried cross draw ,in a Uncle Mikes size 4 on its own belt , and sits right under my fat belly. Don't have to unzip anything to get it, and it has never been in the way of rifle or pack.



Ok. It's showdown time. You need your gat in your hand right now or it's curtains. How do you get your belly out of the way to pull your piece? lol Paint a picture of that in your mind!

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Don thats why I carry that

Don thats why I carry that way, comes out easy and its all ready to go, doesn't sweep any part of me ,so the hammer comes back with the draw.I practice that move many hundreds of times every year maybe a few thousand. Every range trip starts with a few runs with my ruger single six, when I can keep all six on the paper as fast as I can shoot, then the Redhawk gets the same workout. Only problem is after seeing how close you can end up getting to a bear by accident and how fast they are , I'm not sure I'd get the first shot off, and don't even talk tp me about bear spray, most people carry it in a strapped holster or in their pack. And they checked how it's supposed to work when they bought it.


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