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How do you balance multi state applications?

I was just wondering how most of you guys that apply for hunts in multiple states balance it out. Do you plan all the different hunts that you apply for by the season dates so as not to overlap with anything? Or do you just apply knowing that the odds are so low that you will not likely draw two different ones anyway?

I'm always optimistic that I'm going to draw everything and not be able to hunt something. Have you ever drawn two good tags in different places?

Maybe I'm thinking too much.

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I hunt NY and VT faithfully

I hunt NY and VT faithfully every year and occasionally throw in Maine or Mass in the mix. When I do that I have to find all the dates, lay them out side by side and figure where and when I'm going to hunt. You always have to be optomistic about drawing the tags you put in for or you're just wasting your money if you think your odds are low. It just may be that you WILL draw those tags,lol so be prepared. If I dont get any special tags I put in for then that gives me more time in one of the two states I normally hunt in.

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I desperately try and not

I desperately try and not over lap any hunting seasons on the different states that I apply in.  This year I had to apply for just a bonus point in Utah for the Muzzleloader hunt since I should draw out my Colorado antelope tag down by Montrose but other than that the seasons usually don't over lap too bad.  So this year if I draw out on what I put in for it will go like this.  Archery deer/elk here in Colorado or archery elk and muzzleloader here in Colorado.  Then antelope in Utah then back here to Colorado for antelope.  Then off to Utah for spike elk and then Utah general deer.  Back to Colorado for rifle elk and then cross my fingers back to Utah for bison.  Then after Thanksgiving I can head to Arizona for deer.  The last couple are usually just a pipe dream but you never know.  

It sure is nice being retired and not having to worry about work any more.  It would just get in the way of my hunting and fishing. 

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I have a good friend in

I have a good friend in Wyoming who puts in for PPs or tags for just about every animal in every western state every year figuring that where he puts in for will be just about impossible to draw two or more in the same year.  It's not uncommon for him to have close to $10,000 out at any one time and some of that isn't returned in states where you have to buy a license to even apply for the tags or PPs.  Last year it bit him a little when he drew a mulie tag with 5 PPs up in northern AZ and a mulie tag in a limited unit in Wyoming.  He went on the AZ hunt and ate the Wyoming tag, even though the dates were different, because he just didn't have enough vacation time to do both along with all the hunts we did in Wyoming.  He lost very little though, as the resident license is pretty cheap.  It's just the fact that he drew a real good unit he has hunted before and is familiar with and didn't even go.

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I hunt miutipe states and as

I hunt miutipe states and as my wife can attest to I spend alot of time planning out whst seasons to apply for.  I t will take all late winter and into early spring to get it all planned out.  I may miss out on a hunt beacause it may overlap with another that is more of a priority for me.  I have added a new state this year so we will see how it all plays out.

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I do the same thing

I try to plan for no overlap.  Was also developing my "If A, then B" list because I really can't guarantee anything in the draws this year.

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