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How do wild pigs tatse?

I have never eaten a wild hog. I have heard a huge variation on these wild pigs on how they taste. I have heard they taste nasty, to all the way you can't tell the difference between the wild pig and a domestic pig. The one thing I do see in common that most people say is when you clean them they really stink. Please give me some input. Thanks.

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I think it all depends on

I think it all depends on where you get them, what they have been feeding on, and most commonly, what the size is.  I have eaten wild hog that was phenomenal, and had some that wasn't too good. 

Most people will say that the big boars taste very rank, but others will tell you they are okay.  The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that a nice little 80-100 pounder is by far the best eating.  This may not be just in taste, but in texture too.

My favorite dish I had recently was sort of a spiced, shredded wild boar.  Came out great, you could eat it plain, or spread it on tortillas.  Loved it. It's kinda like chorizo, if you've had that.

I would suggest going out and shooting one, and try it yourself. Wink

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They taste like fried

They taste like fried chicken!

They taste good.


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Sweet!!!!! Another thing that

Sweet!!!!! Another thing that tastes like chicken. Now I know I will definitely have to try me some, lol.

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Not a lot new info as I

Not a lot new info as I second the other comments made by Ca. All the hogs we have processed tasted great. Sausage, chops, BBQ-ed on the grill- all has tasted great.
We have shot hogs from 80lbs to 400lbs plus. No problems with taste. The one piece of advice I'll pass along is to smell the meat after dressing the hog. Some old timers who have been chasing hogs longer than I said-If the meat smells bad, then most likely the hog will taste bad.
The boars we have killed have smelt bad when dressing them, but the meat hasn't had any kind of smell to it.
Hoggetter: Taste like chicken? Have you been feeding those hogs you kill chicken feed?

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I agree with the other

I agree with the other posters.  They taste great.  Depending.  haha.  We kill quite a few every year.  Usually try to only kill sows and bars.  We try and catch as many boars as we can and cut them and turn them loose (bars).  Most boars that we have killed over 100 lbs. or so will have a very foul smell.  I personally dont eat smelly boar hogs, but I do have some friends that have no problem with it.  The sows and bars have no smell, or atleast nothing worse then most wild animals.  I put wild boar in all my venison sausage and usually throw one on the smoker from time to time.  Give it a try. 

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I agree with the other

I agree with the other poster. They don't usually taste bad, but they normally don't taste like Domestic Pigs. They have a lot less fat on them for one thing. I would stick to hogs under 200 because the meat on the larger ones can get pretty tough and gamey. Just try it out, you never know if you don't give it a try!

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Like everyone aside they

Like everyone aside they taste pretty good....just depends where y kill them..most of mine taste like asado or BBQ.

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