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How do they distribute tags that have been turned back in?

 A freind of mine told me today that another friends son recieved a goat tag today that had been turned back in. I have no reason to doubt him but had never heard of this happening before. He says he knows of someone else who got a sheep tag in the past as well due to the same situation.

How do they determine who gets a tag after the draw is over? Or is somebody making something up here as like I said I had never heard of it before.

If there's a sign up list I'd sure like to be on it.Yes

This is Colorado by the way.

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only with trophy tags

Your draw order is determined in the drawing, if and or when tags are returned, they will call the next person in line, but only for sheep, goat and maybe moose tags.  Deer, elk and antelope tags do not work that way.  If you return one of those, it is removed from the system and will not be resold as a leftover.

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Same here in California. 

Same here in California.  They always choose a few alternates for each of the big tags, and if someone turns in a tag, they move on down the line.  It's usually for elk, sheep, and antelope hunting out here.

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