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How do I get my record book antelope........

from Wyoming, where I will be shooting it in October, to Florida?

I know that this is a little presumtuous but you got to have a dream, right?

Ok back to reality. I am flying out to Wy to hunt and assuming I do actually bag an antelope, how should I deal with the meat and cape/horns? I am thinking that unless I do actually shoot a great buck I am thinking of a european mount.

What do ye ole veterans of the antelope wars say?



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How do I get my record book antelope........

Well you can get the antelope processed and either donate the meator have it shipped to your home either way you will still have to pay for the processing.

You can leave the head and cape with a taxidermist and he can ship the finshed mount or bleached european mount to you at home.

Or what I used to do is get the cape frozen solid and ship the horns with skull plate and the frozen cape next day air to my taxidermist at home.

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How do I get my record book antelope........

GWH has some good points..... Fortunately, this year I am hunting with a taxidermist and we are planning on cutting the skull plate with horns and then skinning out the the skull and hide. We found a processor who carries dry ice so we are going to buy a small styrofoam cooler at Wally World and shipping it back home. As far as skinning we are going to buy some cheap sharp razor blades and go to work...... The meat we will just donate to a local or to the processor.... I may actually do the same with some of the meat and ship it back with the hide and horns, since I have never eaten Pronghorn. I typically eat what I kill... Thumbs up

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