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How big is it?



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By the looks of the head it

By the looks of the head it is a small bear

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Really small

Yeah wait and see if its dad show up.
Signs to look for
1- Ears - look big = small bear
2- Snout - looks long = small bear
3- Leggs - look long = small bear
4- Open space between bear belly and ground - lots = small bear

Dressed this bear will not go 100lbs

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2 brears??

When I looked at the first photo of the bear eating, I was thinking about 225 or more. Mature looking shoulders and side of head and snout. Then I saw the next photo of he bear walking away. Looks like a 125 pounder on the hoof. The photo of the bear eating was taken at 6:11. The photo of the bear walking away was taken at 6:10. Could it be possible the little guy was taking off when the bigger boy was coming in? They look like different bears to me. Just a thought. Kevin

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