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How about some different calling tactics

So hears the gig. post the diferent calling methods you use and when you use them. how often and at what intervals? man i bet i butchered that word. spell check would be nice Think

I like to give a couple ov random deep grunts through out the hunt about an hour apart. this is fun and all but it has never paied out for me.

one thing that has worked in the past is that every time a doe blowes at me, i give a couple of grunts. usually they will stop blowing ane one or two will come to check me out.

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How about some different calling tactics

I find that softly grunting 3 times with 30 seconds apart every 45 minutes pays pretty well, if u grunt to deep it may scare some of the littler bucks that are skiddish, and when one gets spooked the others will too.

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I have great success with grunting .....2 short and a 15sec. wait and then a Long 4sec. grunt... I use this every 10 minutes once i hear any deer noise I will grunt maybe 15min. apart until I see him.

As far a spooking the smaller bucks, well I believe they will make there own decision not to come around and will not spooke other deer. and the BIGGER Buck will eventually come into the Dominent Buck call.

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