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hound hunting deer

hello every one i live in Australia in the state of Victoria where we traditionaly hunt sambar deer over hounds 10 years ago the govt banned the use of several breeds (read most popular) to placate some unrealistic greenies and bambieists who helped control power in the state,so foxhounds harriers bassets and or  crosses  were banned over night,we were then only allowed pure bred beagles no taller than 20inches at the shoulder and pure bred Blood hounds no height restriction and a govt run testing every 3 years and registration and micro chipping Also hound hunters are tested and registered with it marked on our hunting lisences. .Big mistake now sambar deer are spreading like wild fire partly because of a lot of bushfire activity in this time period creating ideal habitat but due in a lot to the rebuilding of the hound groups.What people need to realise these are scent trailing dogs with loud voices not attack dogs the whole point is for them to voice so the hunters can work out were the deer is headed and try and get there first.All deer are shot to honour the dogs this ensures an even spread of the population is taken young ,old ,male ,female in short it is agreat tool for herd conservation and keeping the ratios in place. The hunting season here for sambar is 12 months of the year and no bag limits  hound hunting is limited to the week end after Easter until the end of November but most crews finish before this due to heat and snakes (remember our seasons are opposite most of you guys). Now i hunt deer all year with rifle and camera but my great love is that rush you get when the hounds are in full cry heading your way.

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That sounds about right.

That sounds about right. Restrict the type of hiund your using to hunt an animal so healthy that you have year round hunting whit no limit's. Sound's like your people were influenced by our people!

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There may just be some light

There may just be some light at the end of the tunnel,i see there have been suggestions made to increase the amount of breeds allowed,harriers and a couple of breeds originaly derived from foxhounds.Most of the dogs we used to run were fox hounds most of ours had a dash of bloodhound and beagle in them to.

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Im confused, were the dogs 

Im confused, were the dogs  banned because they were seen as attack dogs? or were they banned because it gave the hunters an unfair advantage over game.

Also, if the deer are running rampant, isnt it easier to take one down without the use of dogs? 


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