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Horton Steel Force Cross Bow

I came across this cross bow on sale and was wondering how good it is. Would I be happy using it occasionally for whitetail? I assume too small for moose.

Or will just be wishing I bought a different one in a year?


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Horton Steel Force Cross Bow

I am not familiar with that particular model but Horton is a respected brand. It should be fine for whitetails. As to use on moose, it is the broadhead and arrow weight that counts and you would need to shoot that particular broadhead/arrow combination out of your crossbow to see if it performs well and is accurate. When I was preparing for a crossbow moose hunt last year, i inserted weed wacker string into my carbon arrows to increase weight and thus momentum, and used 150 gr Wensel Woodsman three blade broadheads. Momentum is more important than speed when hunting an animal like moose with their thick hides and muscle mass. Momentum gives deeper penetration. I fell sick the day we were to leave and missed the moose hunt but used the broadhead/arrow set up to take several deer and the performance was assume!

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