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The horse ride to a drop camp

The horse ride to a drop camp sounds the most appealing to me... I do not really want to have to be responsible for the horses and worry about them all day long.

I do want to be in a remote area, however...

I would actually trade away some of the "hunt" just to be where there were less hunters.

That is not to say that success is not important to me - it is - but it is not ALL important.

I think I am going to look for a pack in drop camp and either hope to hunt with someone that knows what they are doing or hunt with a semi guided arrangment - where I get some hunting help on at least some of the days... and some advice on each day.

I know I am all over the board here in this pursuit - just trying to figure out what the best arrangment is going to be.

Once I have a year to two of experience under my belt and begin to understand what the Rockies and elk hunting are all about - I will branch out and do my own hunts.

Come on, CA-V, lets get a plan going... semi guided drop camp or tell me you know what you are doing and I will be your shadow!!!!


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How about if I tell you that

How about if I tell you that I have NO CLUE what I am doing?  that's why I was planning on hunting an are where my friends hunt and are familiar with.

That way, I'd have a good starting point.  I don't necessarily want to drop the big $$$$$ on an outfitter, but I also can't drive out there 4 or 5 times for pre season scouting.

That's the dilemma.  I figured I could use all resources available, including my friends. Thumbs up

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Two cents from a former

Two cents from a former Wrangler, cook and guide: worked for a very good Outfit in Wyoming (he retired).

Horses are a great way to get to and from, horse will spot game long before you will.

You will never hunt from horses, you may run into game while on horses but you don’t hunt or shoot from them.


We set camp 4 ½ hours from the road, 4 yrs I saw 3 people that where not from our camp.


Things you must do before a horseback hunt:

            Be truthful with the outfitter about your riding experience

            Get your own rifle scabbard that fits your rifle and saddle bags

            If at all possible: ride a horse before you get there (get some saddle time) you will be saddle sore

            Do not wear Cowboy boots, unless you wear them daily (make sure they have tread on them)

            Don’t wear a cowboy hat, you will chase it!


Your camp will be tents (should be Canvas, with a wood burning heater)

You will sleep in sleeping bags (yours) on a foam mat

Hot breakfast (rib sticking), bag lunch you take with you, Hot evening meal

Most camps will not pack in booze or soda, hope you enjoy water, coffee, tea

Get in shape, you will walk when you get to your chosen hunting location, elevation will wipe your butt, you have a better chance if you are in shape.


Lots of others items but I will end it here, if you have question PM



M. Bird

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