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Hornady Great Plains bullet load suggestions?

I did some online searching but could not easily find any references to anyone using FFFg for a .50 caliber with the Hornady Great Plains .50 caliber, 385 grain bullet.

I have a CVA Mountain Stalker (shorter barrel than typical) and have old school FFFg powder. Can anyone suggest a starting and/or max load using this combination?

My "guess" is to start at 80 grains, but I've exclusively shot patch and ball to this point so I'm not sure. I will be hunting deer and/or elk this year. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Additionally, I have the standard percussion cap setup that came with the rifle, but I believe I read about upgrading to the more robust "musket" primers for more reliable ignition in the field - if anyone can link me to what I'd need to do that, or further describe what I'd need to do to accomplish this, I'd appreciate that as well.

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I'd start right where you

I'd start right where you suggest at 80gr and work up from there to what shoots the most accurate. Have fun with it and good luck.

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I also use the Great Plains

I also use the Great Plains .50 caliber, 385 grain bullets and I push them with 80 grains of Triple 7. I have messed around and gone up as high as 120 grains but did not see a great advantage in grouping or anything else. I use an inline so of course it has a 209 primer but to answer your question I would use the best cap you can get. I have a tradtional Hawkins also and had a miss fire due to a bad cap once that ended up costing me a nice bull.

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Great Plains

I shoot the Hornady Great Plains 385 out of my Remington 700 MLS inline. I have been using them for years. I use 100g of Triple 7 and have converted my gun to use 209 primers instead of caps. I took a nice cow last year at 125 yds from a sit, open sights. The Great Plains is a good bullet. Much better than the Power Belts in my gun. I would probably use a sabot if I wasn't hunting CO. Headed out again next week with another muzzy cow tag in my pocket. You should check the owners manual to see what the maximum load is for your gun. 80g sounds safe but it would be good to check the book first.

I would guess the conversion to a musket cap would just be a nipple change, as long as the hammer will cover the diameter of the musket cap. I used to use standard cap with my MLS using a Red Hot upgraded nipple. Never had a misfire. The key is to take care of your caps and keep everything dry. I put electrical tape over the end of my barrel and my primer area is pretty much covered up by the design of the breach. I also had some little flexible percussion cap bands that would slide over the cap after it was on the nipple and "seal" the base of the cap to the nipple. I am always paranoid about moisture when muzzleloading as it's about the only thing that can screw things up. My buddy doesn't do anything to his gun. After hunting for the week last year, he didn't unload the powder charge until we were back at his house. He decided to just pull the breach plug and just push the powder out to save some time cleaning the guns. The powder came out like a black turd and was wet. I have done this in the past with my gun and it always came out dry, just like it went in. Just carrying the gun around in the rain can get water down the barrel.

Keep your powder dry!

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